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Future trends The advantages of full-open water bags are obvious How to choose outdoor water bags

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Full-open water bag has obvious advantages How to choose outdoor water bag

The large opening water bag can also be called a full opening water bag, mainly to solve the problem that the water bag is not easy to clean and maintain, and an innovative water bag with innovative design that takes into account rapid water injection!

The history of the development of outdoor water bags can be said to be traces of evolution from changes in water inlets.

The earliest prototype of the water bag was the curved-shaped drinking bag carried by the Arabs on camels-leather hip flask and leather water sac. Features: leather, water inlet at the top.

It was only in modern times that there was a water bottle with a snail mouth like a platypus. The water inlet is at the top.

With the explosion of outdoor activities, the demand for outdoor water bags has also increased. An improved screw water bag appeared. The water inlet is in the upper part of the front of the bag, and the diameter of the water inlet is obviously enlarged, and two fingers can be extended into it.

In the 80s and 90s of the last century, large water inlet water bags appeared, characterized by a larger diameter water inlet, and even children's hands could be extended.

Seadragon full opening water bag

By the beginning of the 21st century, a full-open water bag appeared. The water inlet changed from round to flat and deformable, and adults ’hands could reach into the bag mouth.

In general, when hiking, even if there is no water supply in the middle, filling the water bag with 2-3L of water is enough for a day of hiking. The following factors can be referenced:

1. Capacity: However, under the extreme conditions of sweltering heat, sweating, and rapid water loss, we also once drank 6L of water a day and felt that it was not enough. In addition, after camping, it was used to fetch water to cook and cook soup For the needs of making tea, etc., when there is some distance between the camping site and the water source, in order to avoid the energy consumption of the round-trip water consumption, wasting time, or one person fetching water to increase unsafe factors, our consideration is to buy two 3L water bags.

After all, the water bag is bigger, you can fill less water when you do n’t need too much water to reduce the burden of traveling, and you can fill as much water as you need. However, when buying a water bag, it is important to focus on the characteristics of the water bag, that is, the main use in the operation, not the use after the station. Because after the station, looking for the water source, you can add water to the water bag. It is not very realistic to have both.

2. Price:

There is no doubt that a water bag of the same capacity is of course the higher the price-performance ratio, the better. But this is not absolute. After all, outdoor equipment needs the most reliable performance. If it is too cheap or not cheap but buys an unreliable equipment, the water bag bursts in the mountaineering bag and seeps, so that the sleeping bag and clothing are blistered. Therefore, the practicality of design and function is the key, don't believe in some flashy technology content, unrecognized patent performance.

In fact, the price of the water bag is closely related to the industrial design level, innovation, function, materials, patents, etc. of the water bag.

3. Materials used:

At present, most brands of water bags use plastic materials. There are many kinds of plastics, including cold resistant and high temperature resistant. Of course, the best material is TPU. Some standard TPU water bags can hold 100 degrees boiling water. Of course, it is recommended not to install too high temperature to avoid damage to other accessories. After all, not all parts such as suction nozzles and water pipes are made of TPU material. The second is eppe / peva material, 70 degrees of water is no problem, and they are relatively cold-resistant; eva material has a slight odor; pvc material is the weakest, not resistant to high temperatures, not cold-resistant, and has odor. Remember, all materials are graded, whether they are TPU materials or other, there are food grades and non-food grades. If they are industrial grades, do not use them on drinking water containers. This needs attention. Some people use some industrial containers to carry drinking water, which is a safety risk.

Therefore, when choosing a water bag, try to choose a water bag of food-grade peva / eppe / tpu material.

4. Reliability (firmness):

People must step on it and it will not burst, otherwise the water bag filled with water will squeeze in the bag as the human body jumps up and down, and the stacking of many heavy objects in the car may cause the water bag to burst suddenly. .

In addition, after lifting water in the camp, the water bags are often placed unprotected everywhere. If they are not secure, they can easily be punctured as soon as they are placed on a sharp tree stump or sharp stone.

Therefore, firmness, toughness, and scratch resistance are all must-have properties. Otherwise, talk free.

5. Self weight:

Of course, the lighter the better. This factor can be ignored. After all, the water bag is very light. If it is a handle type water bag, the handle is slightly heavy.

6. Convenience: full opening and large opening design

Seadragon full opening water bag

It is convenient to install water, convenient to open and close, convenient to lift water, convenient to irrigate, convenient to hang, and convenient to put around. Therefore, outdoor equipment should be durable and toss-proof, not too squeamish and difficult to wait. Fully open water bags are, of course, the trend and the first choice for more and more people. After all, it can meet the requirements mentioned above, durable, convenient and easy to maintain. The large opening water bag is convenient for reaching out to clean the inside of the water bag to prevent dirt and debris from staying, so as not to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

7. Rationalization of design and humanization

Drinking water nozzles should also be considered. For example, the latest popular elbow-type nozzles, and some even 360-degree rotating nozzles, seriously consider the convenience and rationality of outdoor use scenarios.

Seadragon Large water nozzle with elbow

Drinking water nozzles have also undergone many changes, from the earliest one-piece plastic nozzle to later nozzles with a switch function, to the back there are more changes, dust cover, elbow, rotatable And so on.

Full-open big-open water bag is the first choice of donkey friends, and it is also the development trend of water bag in the future. Convenience, ease of use, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance are the key to water bag competition.

Note: The article is compiled and adapted by Chen Haoran according to the related articles on the official website of Dragond.com, podragon.com!


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