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Spring blossoms, how to choose a big bag for cycling in Sichuan and Tibet

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Is it necessary to use a pack on the Sichuan-Tibet line?

--A lot of friends asked me, can the Sichuan-Tibet line choose not to pack?

Foreword: Long-distance riding 318 line, choose a pack, or are there alternatives? Some people say choose a big mountaineering bag.

Sichuan-Tibet Line Environmental Conditions

1. Climate The four seasons are fickle along the way.

2. Road conditions The road conditions are mainly based on gravel or gravel pavements, and the road conditions are more complicated than those in the interior, and the risks are greater.

3. Packages along the way Accommodation and dining conditions are relatively simple but tend to be commercialized, and those with gastrointestinal discomfort should pay more attention.

Cyclist's own assessment:

1. Physical strength

Maintain good physical strength and maintain good physical condition. Start early every morning and stay overnight at sunset, it is best not to ride at night. The riding distance is adjusted according to physical conditions, weather, intersections and other actual conditions, and it can maintain an average of about 100 kilometers per day. If your physical condition is not good, consider taking a ride or returning.

2. Diet

Pay attention to supplement physical fitness. On the way, mainly Sichuan food, you can also try some Tibetan food: barley wine, ghee tea, yak beef ... the most eaten may be bread, mineral water, eight treasure porridge, red cow, instant noodles, fruits and other fast-food, more Convenience. The water on the plateau is different from our usual water. It is recommended to bring some small foods with high sugar content, such as chocolate, candy, or glucose powder.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation flows in and out. If you want to save money, you can put the tent next to the hotel. There are also many hostels or riding stations on the road, mostly Chase shops, and there are also 40-100 meals a bed and breakfast. In order to prevent the accommodation from being tense, you can inquire about the telephone of the accommodation in the previous accommodation and book in advance! Teams with good physical strength can also book a room in advance every day, and then wait for teammates.

4. Security

①Property security: Bring your bank card and appropriate cash, and don't reveal your wealth. When buying things, just pay with your mobile phone, and leave one or two teammates to watch the car and luggage. Do n’t let strangers move the car and luggage. Some people beg to give some food, but it is best not to give money.

②Personal safety: pay attention to weather changes, landslides and mudslides, slow down when the road is not good, and follow the traffic rules and drive on the right. Respect the customs and habits of local people, it is best not to talk about ethnic issues. Be sure to do your best while riding. If you feel unwell, you should pay attention to it, and don't try to be brave. When dealing with teammates, you should also pay attention to the degree, do not pit teammates, make excessive jokes, but also know how to protect yourself. Don't leave the team.

Risk assessment:

1. Traffic risk, try to give way when meeting or overtaking, or stop and wait for the other party to go ahead.

2. The risk of downhill, downhill is one of the most prone to accidents when riding, must slow down, and try to reduce the center of gravity of riding.

3. Rockfall, due to the geological environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, rockfall is the norm. Special attention should be paid to the prompts and self-judgment of road signs to prepare for the response.

4. High reaction, there must be countermeasures, large temperature difference, be prepared for warmth and heatstroke prevention.

5. Give up halfway, remember, some people can't persist, they will give up halfway.

6. Damage risk Bicycle repair, tire repair, air pumping, screw tightening, etc .; the pack is broken and scratched, considering the better quality to reduce the risk.

7. Other unexpected risks

Pictured is a seadragon bike bag

If you do n’t choose a pack, are there any other options?

It is said to choose a large backpack for mountaineering, or to carry or when a tote bag is tied to the rear frame. Evaluate the risk and consumption. Security risks are quite expensive. After all, on the body, in addition to the high center of gravity, the entire body is oppressed by the weight of the backpack, which brings fatigue and fatigue, and the risks of traveling can not be ignored.

Some netizens' views:

Carry a small bag while riding, and most of the things are placed on the pack, because you can't support the weight of 75 liters of backpacks and items for a long time riding your waist!

Camel bags are more convenient. It is much more convenient to get things, there is no need to carry, and people are much easier. If you put the mountaineering bag on the car, it ’s okay, but it ’s not convenient to take things after binding. The camel bag is still more convenient. The camel bag is a bicycle design, and the mountaineering bag is used to carry mountaineering , Different functions, it is very inconvenient to mix.

The mountaineering bag will be exhausted to carry, and it is not stable to carry the luggage rack!

Pictured is a seadragon bike bag

Choose a camel bag or pack, many people are entangled, how to choose. In fact, the pack has nothing but functions such as stable suspension, high waterproof performance, reasonable design, and scratching. The appearance should fit your own aesthetics. In line with these, don't listen to others talking indiscriminately.

Pictured is a seadragon bike bag

In addition, tell you some common problems in the use of packs:

1. Scratch the chain or the rear wheel-the rear design of the pack is unreasonable

2. Suspension device is easy to break and not durable, the toughness quality of the suspension system used is not enough

3. The suspension system is not stable and stable, shaking, other will be thrown out during riding, this is the problem of the overall backwardness of the suspension system

4. It can only prevent splashing water and light rain, and the materials used are not highly waterproof.

5. Insufficient reflective area on the bag, causing safety risks

6. Limited matching between suspension and shelf, that is, it can not be widely matched with various frames

7. The material has poor scratch resistance, and the hole is pierced after falling a few times

To avoid the above problems, choosing a qualified pack is really not easy.

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