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The epidemic test the viability of SMEs Internet marketing may be saved

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From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, the continuous new coronavirus disease has caused many micro and small enterprises to encounter the cold winter! After the survival crisis, the remaining enterprises are all competitive, so the so-called leftover is king. I believe that in a word, each crisis will spawn a new form of marketing. Internet marketing, the 5G era, these vivid terms come to mind.

5G accelerates social progress

After the baptism of disasters, it makes people think and mature, and I believe that all entrepreneurs will re-examine the way forward. The epidemic situation is difficult. After the crazy deployment of 5G, the business form is on the eve of the big change.

The challenge came by accident!



Since the end of 2019, a major epidemic-the new coronavirus has raged the world, has accelerated the corporate ecological reshuffle! In the context of the popularization and continuous deepening of Internet use, Internet marketing has become one of the most important methods for enterprises to carry out commercial marketing at this stage.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, if 2019 is a year for tightening belts, then 2020 will be a year for streamlining weight loss. How to survive better in a sudden situation of "new coronavirus" becomes the biggest challenge faced by SMEs in 2020. Especially under the current grid management model, service industries such as hotels, restaurants, tourism, movie theaters, KTV, shopping malls, transportation, and offline education and training organizations will face a fatal blow. Don't change, just wait for death.

The impact of the epidemic on all walks of life

For thousands of years, animals have been kept in cages by humans, and this year's Spring Festival, animals successfully put more than one billion people under house arrest. We are also bombarded with various information, and we are getting mentally exhausted. Moreover, while China has basically controlled the spread of new coronary disease, new pneumonia broke out in other parts of the world, and it has captured the economically active South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, Italy, France, Germany, Iran, Singapore, and even the United States. The lives of more than 3,700 people have also had a huge impact on the global economy. Needless to say, there is no such macroeconomic data. On the microscopic level, we personally feel the cancellation of the Spring Festival activities, travel blockages, extended holidays, mass production and trade stagnation, and the reduction in production, consumption, and daily economic activities. loss. Human contact and practical production activities are seriously affected and restricted.


Online business

In general, the outbreak did not have a particularly large negative impact on online business, and even brought a wave of development dividends to some companies engaged in online business. But most of them are benefited from large enterprises, and some small and micro enterprises have been greatly affected.

Online, such as education-related industries and office-related business have been greatly improved.

The entertainment industry, such as online video and games, has also improved significantly.

In the financial industry, the risk of default is greatly increased.

The 2B industry has been hit hard.

Offline business

On the whole, all industries in the offline industry have been seriously damaged. What we have experienced is the complete shutdown of the tertiary industry, that is, the service industry. All entertainment activities are cancelled, and the Chinese New Year file is directly reset to zero. Major factories in the secondary industry are also not optimistic. Difficulties in resuming work and broken production chains are the problems faced by each factory. At present, many companies have taken measures to reduce their pay by half or even pay leave in response to temporary difficulties in consultation with their employees. Next, I will divide the industrial shock encountered by various industries into two parts, namely consumer shock and productive shock.

Consumer shock

The catering industry, film industry, tourism industry, wedding industry, education and training, real estate, and transportation industry have been hit hard.

2. Productive shock

Approval clearance, reinstatement clearance, rework clearance, epidemic prevention clearance, operation clearance, customs clearance are difficult. Routine production and transportation in the manufacturing industry have become a bottleneck.









1. Internet marketing requires systematic overall planning

Insist on doing good internet marketing-because internet marketing is one of the most efficient economic means.

Many companies doing traditional occupations have tried Internet marketing. As a result, hundreds of thousands of publicity fees have been thrown in, and no splash has been splashed. I think Internet marketing is not effective. But in fact, Internet marketing is one of the most efficient marketing methods. The poor results must be some problems in the operation process. There are no user conversions after the ad is put in. This is probably because there is no brand foundation and Internet reputation. Customers There is no sense of trust. Fengshang Planning proposes that traditional enterprises should make overall plans for Internet marketing in a targeted manner. As soon as they go up, they will spend a lot of money to invest in advertising drainage methods. The actual effect will not be ideal.

2. Simultaneous development of soft text marketing and hard advertising in Internet marketing practice

Marketing activities require long-term online information input.

Traditional companies generally have quick successes, choose stable techniques, search bidding, small video drainage methods, and information flow. This kind of drainage method can quickly bring traffic, but are the potential customers from the drainage method a conversion deal? This also depends on the user evaluation of the enterprise on the Internet, assuming that there is no brand promotion and user evaluation lay the groundwork, the customers who come from the drainage method are the same as mentioned above at the conference, and hundreds of thousands will have no small blisters. Therefore, Fengshang plans to suggest that traditional companies should not use the method of directing the advertising word to promote the Internet. It is best to learn from the basics, lay the groundwork for user evaluation and then do the drainage method, and both soft text ads and hard ads should be used.

3. Efficient integrated and intensive promotion is the way out

Today is a period of emphasis on innovation, but not everything is the best, and there are various new service channels for Internet marketing. Some companies pursuing perfect mystery will love it. plus. Feng Shang Planning feels that being motivated is the most worthy of favor, but in the actual combat exercises carried out on the Internet, the most important thing is to look at the overall new service channels. Take the current popular small video, the customer crowd is young, and the theme activities on the small video are game entertainment. Assuming that the C-end brand promotion can be done, but what about the marketing of B-end products or old-age products? Obviously, the advertising strategy does not match the target customer group and needs to be readjusted.

Fourth, the implementation of small program marketing

2019 is the year of the outbreak of small programs. Now customers have already broken through 1 billion, the number of small programs has reached 580,000, and the daily active accounts have exceeded 170 million times. The professional vision of small programs is very bright, and they are full of independent entrepreneurship. The new layout of the trial site is actively deployed by the writers. Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of the small program, the professional vision of the small program is very bright, and it is necessary for the entrepreneurs to lay out in advance and occupy the dominance!

This general policy will become the guiding ideology of some well-known brands. The demand for Internet marketing malls is becoming stronger and stronger. Countless companies want to take a slice of the soup. The demand for new media environments and content marketing malls is large. Thinking about common campus shopping malls will become the guiding ideology of some enterprises.

Integrated marketing is standard



Nowadays, Internet technology marketing is not optimistic. The single Internet marketing method has long been inconsistent with the requirements of enterprises. Entrepreneurs ca n’t wait for 18 martial arts to be used together. Network-wide integrated marketing and brand marketing have become their competing marketing methods. Affected by the epidemic situation in 2020, how to break through the implementation of online brand marketing? Fengshang Planning believes that it is necessary for traditional enterprises to seize the gaps in shopping malls to implement efficient online marketing. How to be efficient is to unify the marketing work and form a closed marketing loop. No matter what kind of product you are doing, you will eventually pass through Internet marketing users, from understanding products to recognizing products, becoming loyal users, and analyzing and formulating the Internet marketing implementation plan one by one.

Short-term measures to face the challenges


The epidemic situation is still present. For SMEs, capital flow is a challenge! How to deal with the current situation?

Do the following five points:

1) Improve competitiveness: advocate that the company develop new products quickly, and can not develop new products to improve on existing products. All products add a new functional selling point on the basis of ensuring the original core selling point: sterilization or virus prevention To be combined with this new coronavirus thing.

2) Accelerate capital turnover: It is advocated that the company aims at existing products. If customers buy before the end of February, they can carry out price reductions and discounts. One is to remove inventory and the other is to quickly withdraw funds to deal with cash flow difficulties. it is good. It is clear to the customer that this is the company and the customer supporting the fight against the epidemic together and tackling the difficulties together. Tell all customers how much money they donate for each product sold. Customers buy products to support the disaster area, and this decision was decided by the company after many strategic meetings to discuss the low price promotion.

3) Charity marketing: on the basis of the original marketing and sales routines, add humanistic care, and integrate the common sense of how to prevent new coronavirus into the product marketing and sales process, so that users feel that your products are more warm and emotional, and enterprises are more Have a sense of social responsibility. As another example, in this epidemic, what kind of dedication did the company in your location or your own individual make to the disaster area, such as donations and donations, etc., as a bright spot into your product marketing and sales process.

4) Feeling marketing: Facing the peak return period and the peak period of business gathering, how to return and start safely has become a topic of common concern for all business owners and professionals. As an excellent marketing and sales person, you must have a keen insight and judgment, and you must first find, collect, and sort out relevant materials in this regard, and send it to you in the form of a practical and friendly media. Relatives, friends, and customers, and enhancing emotional-emotional intelligence is an important issue for marketers.

5) Leverage experts: contact experts to empower the team to quickly improve the company ’s marketing and sales team ’s mobile Internet new media marketing and sales skills, especially for enterprises with traditional offline store operation models, at least to ensure that good old customers are not lost . To allow each store shopping guide to introduce products to old customers via mobile Internet and complete the sales policy, the team must have such mobile Internet marketing and sales skills.

The future is coming to Lead2050. Internet marketing is not a new ecology, but now it is version 3.0, the era when channels are king, and the marketing tool that opens the way for channels is becoming more and more important.


Finally, I hope that the epidemic will end soon, let us embrace freedom, let our dreams fly, and Wuhan, come on, China will win!

After the baptism of this epidemic, I believe that all companies will re-examine themselves, and the future has come to Lead2050!

Focusing on moving forward is the greatest hope, and breaking through oneself is the best route for growth.


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