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Spring is here, spring is here, oath riding on the lake, sunny and good times

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Oath Lake is located at the junction of the East Zone of Zhongshan City and the Torch Development Zone in Sun Yat-sen's hometown.

The area of the lake is not large, and it takes about 2-3 kilometers in a circle. The scenery here is beautiful, the lake and the water, it is a good place to relax.

The sun is shining in spring and the water is not dirty. And the tender grass has not yet grown, and the fir trees are still withered. Constitute an autumn scenery.

Bring a SLR, give this equipment a big close-up.

The bike and pack under the close-up, the eye-catching maroon color, are particularly handsome and steady.

Seadragon's pack is really well-deserved.

Seadragon's pack is really well-deserved.The camel bag has excellent craftsmanship, smooth voltage, reasonable and novel structure, and the reflective strip and reflective block show the safety factor.

Compared with the German suspension system, stability and firmness are the selling points.

It is noted that the elastic rope on the front net pocket also has a reflective effect, and if it is illuminated from the side at night, it must be a little reflective effect.

A clear picture of the suspension system on the back panel. The Dragon Claw 2nd generation suspension system supports advanced features such as firmness, irreversible swing, and quick-release. The back panel also has a built-in thickened PE board, plus a corner guard and an extra The PE board ensures that the bicycle wheels and chains are not scratched during riding. See the real kung fu for details.

Spring is here and the epidemic will soon pass, looking forward to a good time and free leisure. Come on in China, come on in Wuhan!

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