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Don't worry about riding in Tibet Haize Dragon Dragon Claw 2nd generation waterproof bag

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Seadragon Bike Waterproof Side Bag Mountain Bike Storage Carrying Bag Grandly Listed!

There are too many opponents in the price-performance ratio beyond the same price range, and the advantages are unspeakable! !

The picture above is a side reflective logo!


The blessed second-generation dragon claw and reverse hook design greatly improve the service life of the buckle!

1. The second-generation dragon claw blessing, German technology, reverse buckling design, the main force points are all thickened or ridged design To strengthen support and stability, long-distance riding no longer has the risk of losing packets halfway, and solve worries.

There are other features of the second-generation dragon claw buckle: multi-point adjustment hang points, up to 8 points for each hook are available, universal all kinds of rear shelves; reverse buckle hang, a solution to the positive buckle turbulence during use The risk of continuous impact on the spring increases the life of the buckle and reduces the risk of using the bag.

2. Upgrade corner protector buckle plate, thicken new material, firmer and more stable. The T-shaped fixed buckle cannot be disassembled to prevent the situation of disassembly and loss on the road.

3. Overall shallow V appearance, plug-in patchwork, original design, unique style, taste presentation.

4. Superb seamless welding process, from mold to voltage processing meticulous.

5. Warranty for 3 years, the damage is only replaced without repair.

6. Safety improvement: front reflective logo, with reflective elastic rope, and a large reflective cursor on each side of the side.

7. The bag can be carried by hand or shoulder, it is portable, dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant and tear-resistant.

Seadragon side bag, firm, tasteful and waterproof! Travel with you to the end of the world! ! !

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