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What brand of waterproof waist bag is good for sea fishing or swimming?

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Background: As winter approaches, more and more people take vacations in Southeast Asia and Hainan and go to the beach to play.

Photos, communications, and communication are indispensable, and waterproofing of mobile phones and cameras has become an essential homework.

How to waterproof at the beach? How to waterproof in the sea?

The most portable and convenient is the waterproof waist bag! The storage and carrying of valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, licenses, credit cards, etc., and waterproof, the waist bag is the most convenient.

So, what brand of waterproof waist bag is easy to use?

Good question. In fact, the emergence of waterproof waist bags is estimated to be at least ten years, but it seems that there are not many easy-to-use civilian grades.

It ’s either bulky, ugly, or inhuman.

Portable, lightweight, compact and exquisite waist bag, but also waterproof, beautiful appearance, such a waist bag, it is estimated that few people do not love.

In fact, the market is flooded with a lot of old-fashioned belt bags, either rainproof or waterproof, but the design and materials are outdated.

For example, the bag mouth is a beam mouth or a plastic piece bayonet, the entire waist bag is not like a waist bag, there is no beauty, and no industrial design level.

The overall design has stayed at the level of a dozen years ago.

Foldable design of sticky mouth made of eva or pvc material.

The strap is one-shoulder.

Rolled or bundled waterproof bag

The folding waterproof principle uses air pressure to squeeze the gap of the leather to isolate the water flow. It can only be soaked in water for 1-40 meters for 30-40 minutes. If it is deep, it will not work, and it is easy to leak due to deformation.

In the water, or on the shore, the gas in the bag will slowly leak away and become pressureless and lose its waterproof ability.

In terms of material, most of the materials on the market are pvc or eva materials. As everyone knows about the physical properties of pvc, it has a low melting point and is easily softened and damaged by high temperature;

But the cold resistance is almost nothing, it will become brittle below 0 degrees, and generally become hard at 10 degrees. At this time, it cannot be folded, and one fold may be damaged.

Bayonet clip-on waterproof waist bag.

Bayonet waterproof belt bag

Generally it is a small waist bag, let's not say that this shape is not like the traditional shape of the waist bag, just the waterproof principle of its bayonet is a little tangled!

The bayonet is made up of two plastic blocks, usually three stress points, which are snapped together like a male and female buckle, tightly attached to the seal and isolated from the water flow to achieve waterproofing.

Everyone knows that these materials will be deformed under the external force and the water temperature difference is large, and the fastening force between the three stress points often becomes weak and leaks.

In addition, the two sides of the snap-type waterproof waist bag are easy to tear and not durable. If it is eva, it is slightly better. If it is PVC, it is basically scrapped twice.

And I do n’t know when it broke down, which itself has a huge risk of water leakage.

Furthermore, the handling and buckling of items are complicated and difficult to operate.

---- The above is the masterpiece of the old waterproof waist bag!


Podragon waterproof belt bag is different

The lurker series belt bag is an air-tight zipper blessing, high-frequency seamless welding process, coupled with streamlined industrial design, carefully crafted.

The appearance of air-tight zipper waterproof belt bag has changed our view and perception!

Browsing major search engines and searching for snorkeling belt bags, it is not difficult to find a niche beautiful shape and advanced waterproof belt bag,

That is the Podragon waterproof belt bag!

Air-tight zipper opening, 3D shape design, transparent window in front pocket, easy to read information on mobile phone and touch use; the main bag has enough space for wallet, charging treasure, license, etc., it is worthy of a design with a sense of quality.

After our in-depth analysis, we have drawn some special advantages:

Simple is design!

We often say that learning is applied, and the connotation of German industrial design is: simplicity is design.

On this basis, even complex designs are redundant.

Therefore, our air-tight zipper opening, such a waterproof waist bag, is the best solution, no one.

Simple identification, users are more convenient and easy to use in operation, reducing the risk of use!

Learn and use at zero cost!

Such a waist bag continues the appearance and usage habit of the traditional waist bag, and the user does not have to spend time to learn and adapt.

This is the greatest respect and care for consumers.

All commodities are designed to meet the needs of consumers. The lower the cost of use and the steps are the best gifts and services for consumers.

Rather than spend a lot of time reading how to use it, what black technology to play, it makes no sense!

Subvert the old design

On the contrary, I think that it is too cumbersome to use as a waist bag when it is folded.

Even the bayonet opening is troublesome, and it is too far away from the user's cognition, which requires learning costs.

The waterproof performance of the roll mouth is relatively guaranteed, but the risk of water leakage still exists if the user is not careful.

The bayonet-style open waist bag has the most risks. The physical performance of the fastener under the temperature difference is different, so there is a possibility of leakage.

So, look back at the questions and answers: consumers are not advised to choose a bayonet waterproof waist bag!

Above, whether it is a roll-up waterproof waist bag or a snap-on waterproof waist bag, is not the best choice.

After testing, the zipper is smooth and easy to handle, and it will not be too difficult to pull. Although it is a little tight, it is understandable in such a good waterproof performance.

Therefore, this air-tight zipper belt bag is a very good work at the moment.

3D modeling fashion design

The unreasonable design of the appearance and function of the waterproof pockets on the market is subject to the technology of the time, and it is cumbersome, heavy, dull, and without aura.

We believe that only the design that combines functionality and trend aesthetics is the threshold of a perfect artwork, the integration of fashion and professionalism!

Waterproof performance ipx8 level

National standard ipx8 waterproof is diving level!

You can dive 10 meters deep for about an hour to ensure that it will not be damaged at 1-1.2 atmospheric pressure and there is a risk of water leakage!

Based on the above, we believe that Podragon redefines the waterproof waist bag and gives it its original meaning: simple and easy to use.

We have created a new, or defined as an air-tight waterproof waist bag, which is more beautiful, simpler, easier to use, and lower cost of use than the buckle roll-top buckle waist bag for more than a decade.

The Podragon brand has always been committed to a beautiful outdoor life and innovation!

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